Guidance Package

This package is designed to help you equip yourself to maximise local benefit. We want to help you ask the right questions, at the right time, to the right people. There is also financial support available for groups at an early stage in the process looking to get the most out of community benefits - call us on the number above to find out more.

The following modules are designed as a suite of learning topics to help guide you through the community benefit process from the outset, but if you are further along in your discussions, simply refer to the relevant topics.

This Guidance Package has been developed in association with:

  • Foundation Scotland
  • vento ludens Ltd.
  • Docherty Consulting Ltd.
  • Harper Macleod
  • Rod Lovie


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Initial Approach

Planning initial consultations and improving confidence in undertaking initial discussions with a commercial developer.

Development Plan

The practicalities involved in creating a plan.

Structure of Community Group

The range of community structures available to you and which structures are most suitable.

Setting Up

The practical steps involved in setting up a group and writing a constitution.

Legal Matters

How and why to develop a Memorandum of Understanding and what to look for in writing and when.

Financial Matters

A fundamental understanding of handling money, knowing what reporting requirements there are for the structure of your organisation and knowing the potential risks involved.


The importance of good governance and he options for setting up your fund process.


How to negotiate and what to think of when entering discussions with developers.

Management of the Fund

The decisions to make in setting up your application, the funding process and how people will access the funds.


How to resolve issues in spending too little or too much and revisiting your development plan.

Investing in Sustainability

How to raise awareness of energy and case studies on the topic.


How to assess the success of your fund