Pre-Planning Loans

Pre-planning loan

The Pre-Planning Loan helps community applicants to plan for renewable energy generation schemes on land they own or could lease from a land owner.

Applications are competitive and will be taken until funds are fully allocated.

This loan will cover up to 95% of pre-planning costs such as Environmental Impact Assessments and technical feasibility studies. The maximum loan per entity is £150,000. Applicants must contribute a minimum of 5% and must fund any recoverable VAT. Credit checks are undertaken, but security is not required.  We know not all projects will lead to local energy generation and if your project does not progress due to failure to gain planning consent or other major obstacles then the loan can be written off.

Interest is charged at 10% per annum from the date of each drawdown.

You can access an Expression of Interest Form here or to find out more about CARES loans please contact your local development officer.

 This loan can also support rural businesses and small and medium enterprises - for more information click here.

Our toolkit will explain the process you can expect from CARES and will give you a good basis to think about taking your project forward.


Want to find out more? Click here to see application details and timescales.