Energyzing Insch

Energyzing Insch

Project lead: Insch Renewable Energy Consortium

Project partners: Friends of Insch Hospital, Harpers Transport, Aberdeenshire Council, Williamston Estates Ltd, NHS Grampian, Grampian Housing Association Ltd

Area: Aberdeenshire

Main technology: Local energy grid - heat and electricity

Grant received: £98,082


Project summary:

The overall aim of the Energyzing Insch project is to develop an integrated community energy system to link local energy demand with local renewable energy generation.

To achieve this aim, the project has a number of separate objectives:

  1. To overcome the constraints in the area on renewable energy generation projects created by grid capacity issues. This will be achieved by constructing a community owned and controlled local energy grid that will deliver locally generated renewable heat and electricity to users.
  2. To develop community involvement in a range of generation technologies that will provide renewable heat and electricity to users through the community owned grid.
  3. To integrate a battery system within the local grid to provide energy storage and add stability and flexibility to the local grid system.
  4. To integrate a fibre-optic network into the local grid to allow active network management of the whole energy system.


Project update

Unfortunately the Energyzing Insch project was unable to complete within the 2015-16 grant funding timescales. The project team did, however, gain valuable insights into what would be required to overcome the legal and regulatory barriers to establish a project like this. They have provided these in the case study below. With longer timescales and a more favourable set of circumstances innovative projects like this could be driven forward by communities such as Insch. The case study is a worthwhile read for anyone thinking of establishing a similar project in their own community. 

Energyzing Insch case study