Orkney Surf 'n' Turf

Orkney Surf ‘n’ Turf: renewable marine hydrogen

Project lead: Community Energy Scotland

Project partners: Orkney Islands Council, Eday Renewable Energy Ltd (ERE), European Marine Energy Centre Ltd (EMEC), ITM Power (Research) Ltd

Area: Orkney

Main technology: Hydrogen

Grant awarded: £1,175,200

Loan requested: £288,800

Project summary:

Surf'n'Turf refers to the combined use of electricity supplied from tidal turbines and a nearby onshore wind turbine. The overall objective is to benefit the community through enhanced employment security and training as well as reduced harbour electricity costs and increased FiT/ROC revenue.

  1. Integrate curtailed electricity supplies from two renewable sources (tidal stream and onshore wind) in the outlying Orkney island of Eday. Both are routinely curtailed as they are able to produce more power than their grid connections allow.
  2. Supply the curtailed energy to an electrolyser on Eday to produce compressed hydrogen gas
  3. Transport the compressed hydrogen over land and sea from Eday to Kirkwall.
  4. Design, install and operate a fuel cell at Kirkwall Harbour.

The Harbour fuel cell is to have two key functions:

  • To generate electrical power for buildings and berthed ferries, as an interim step towards increased use of cold-ironing of marine vessels with renewable hydrogen.
  • To operate on dry land with the same standards as if it were installed in a vessel – and provide a training environment to lay the foundations for use of hydrogen on board for auxiliary power and main propulsion.