SMART for Fintry

Project lead: Fintry Development Trust

Project partners: Veitch Cooper, Good Energy, Energy Assets, Good Energy and Heriot Watt University with technology developed by Open Utility.

Area: Stirlingshire

Main technology: Smart energy systems

Grant award:  £841,523.10 

This project is focused on the small town of Fintry in Stirlingshire, and looks to develop a smart energy system, working on real-time metering and a new approach to tariff charging structures. SMART Fintry is developing a replicable means of trading and charging for electricity that allows UK consumers to buy their power direct from nearby renewable energy generators – without the need to install duplicate grid infrastructure. The project will use a peer-to-peer trading platform to create a virtual link between local energy production and energy consumption. Working with a commercial energy supplier, Good Energy, a local energy tariff is being developed for Fintry residents. Through use of smart meters and advanced communications technology, the system will reduce costs and carbon consumption for local residents.

What makes this project innovative?

The project is building on research carried out in this area to date, and looking at how the concept works in practice. By using real-time data from consumers who have opted in to the scheme, the project will build a replicable model for other communities to match local energy generation with consumption.


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