Community Microgrid Accelerator

 A coordinated approach to the development of community microgrid systems

Project lead: Dalavich Improvement Group

Award amount: £29,501

Area: Highland



Community Microgrids are community owned electricity networks that directly link local generators with local loads. The accelerator will pool expertise and aggregate projects to overcome the barriers facing the development of this emerging sector, and offer more communities the opportunity to take the generation and supply of electricity into their own hands.


Project summary

The Community Microgrid Accelerator promotes a joined-up approach to managing grid restrictions and helping communities to secure affordable, sustainable, low carbon electricity.

Communities in rural locations that benefit from an abundant renewable energy resource can face problems exporting it as electricity to the grid.

Microgrids let communities exploit their local resources efficiently in ways appropriate to the environment and the community, ensuring that the community receives the maximum benefit possible, by selling heat and power directly to local users.

However if setting up a renewable energy generator is arduous, setting up a generator and a complementary distribution system is doubly challenging.

The Microgrid Accelerator project sees Community Energy Scotland partnering with seven non-profit community groups that are all tackling the development of their own microgrids.

The support service that this Local Energy Challenge Fund project proposes will connect centrally with engineers, finance providers, regulators, and Local Authorities so that the community groups can share expertise, pool costs and avoid duplicated effort.

Community networks creating power networks- it’s all about joined-up thinking at a local level!

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