Demonstration of localised grid balancing

Project Lead: University of Strathclyde (Power Networks Demonstration Centre)

Award amount: £29,823

Area: North Lanarkshire

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The proposed project will demonstrate localised grid balancing for rural networks with significant renewable energy installed, while assuring security of power supply to local customers. The project forms part of a broader concept to develop commercial mechanisms which allow monetary compensation for individuals supplying energy storage, generation and load curtailment as a ‘sellable’ service within the community.


Project summary

University of Strathclyde has been involved in a number of projects where novel algorithms have been developed to operate micro‐grid assets for grid support, in response to large system disturbances, or demand‐side management. These algorithms have been successfully demonstrated during laboratory scale micro‐grid trials. The predictive and fault responsive nature of these algorithms provide assurances for reliable power supply to customers and warrant large‐scale demonstration.

The proposed project will therefore demonstrate these system‐wide operational concepts on a realistic scale, first on the distribution test grid of University’s Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC) in Cumbernauld, where most of the development and validation will be take place. The final algorithm validation will be carried out on a real rural network with significant wind and solar power generation assets.

On completion, the project will not only have achieved its objective of de‐risking the increased adoption of renewable energy for small communities from a technical constraints and reliability aspect, but will serve as a launch pad for the next phase of development of a commercial model for a local low‐carbon energy economy.

To deliver this project, the University is forming a consortium, with each member bringing value to some aspect of the project and in‐turn benefiting from the outcomes. To this affect, the cooperation of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the area of measurement techniques has already been secured. The cooperation of a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and a target community is also being actively pursued. 

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