Local Power, Local Benefit

Project Lead: Community Energy Scotland

Award amount: £15,399

Area: Scottish Borders

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This project makes use of ‘green’ electricity that would otherwise go to waste by converting it into heat energy that is stored in people’s homes for later use. Heat pumps make efficient use of the electricity but to the user, the system appears like a standard central heating system.


Project summary

Tackling fuel poverty, making the best use of renewable electricity and reducing fossil fuel use, all without adding complexity or difficulty for the householder; these are the aims of this groundbreaking project. In an area awaiting grid upgrades, there are renewable energy generators that are being instructed to reduce output at times when there is insufficient local demand for electricity. By installing ‘heat batteries’, this electricity can be used in a very efficient manner and the resultant heat stored for later use. The householder simply turns on their hot tap or adjusts their room thermostat in the same way as with any other type of heating system. Control systems act ‘behind the scenes’ to co-ordinate hundreds of heat batteries at any time of day or night and ensure that each property always has sufficient stored heat for the day’s need.
“Why isn’t this being done already?”