Orkney distribution grid-smart demand side management commercial scale deployment trial

Project lead: Rousay, Egilsay, and Wyre Development Trust

Award amount: £29,487

Area: Orkney

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This award will allow us to show, in practice, how Grid-smart control of local electrical demands can ease distribution network congestion, allowing Community-owned generators to produce more of their own natural local energy.  Intelligent heat demand directly provides affordable warmth and reduces fossil fuel usage in properties, whilst increasing community funds to indirectly combat the other drivers of fuel poverty.


Project summary

This proposal will allow non-firm grid connected Community owned turbine generators in Orkney to significantly increase the benefit and utilisation of their installations, by avoiding local grid-restricted curtailment through intelligent aggregation, control and switching of local user demand and available storage at those times. By linking this Grid-Smart demand to the individual opportunity for the community generators to produce more, a cost rebate can be provided to the enabled end-users directly from the community generators as a proportion of their increased revenue gained.

The benefits will allow extra resource for the aims and activities of the local charitable generator, and will have a direct affect on addressing fuel poverty and energy affordability to the customers within that community.

The proposal utilises the strengths of SSE’s local smart RPZ distribution grid, in a private arrangement that fits within the regulated activities of electricity supply, and further works with and increases the utility of the existing infrastructure without requiring further costly strategic investment.

It will increase renewable generator production, improving the amount of clean energy harnessed in Orkney and contributing to Scottish Government renewables targets.  It will decarbonise the local heating and transport sectors by active substitution of fossil-fuel demand with low-carbon local renewable energy.

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