Shetland Island Council demand side management thermal storage project

Project Lead: Shetland Island Council

Award amount: £6,000

Area: Shetland

No project report available. This project did not go ahead through the Local Energy Challenge Fund and is progressing through IIF.  


The vision of the project is to reduce the Shetland Island Council’s dependency on Fossil Fuels and provide the option of Demand Side Management to the Shetland Electricity Grid.
By using Thermal Storage tanks, hot water can be heated using electricity, either direct from renewable sources or from the grid. By switching from fossil fuels heating Council properties to electricity from the grid will increase the amount of controllable demand available to the network operator. The DSM should be able to allow more renewable generation to connect to the Shetland Grid.


Project summary

The Shetland Island Council has commissioned a feasibility study, funded by CARES Innovation and Infrastructure Fund, to assess the viability of installing large scale thermal storage tanks as a replacement to fossil fuels currently providing the heating and hot water to properties.
The concept of using thermal storage tanks, which can be linked to the Shetland electricity grids demand side management (NINES), is based on the smart hot water cylinders currently installed in domestic properties as part of the NINES project. By providing a larger volume of water provides a larger amount of controllable demand available to the network operator which in turn can be used to better stabilise the electricity profile and reduce constraints on generation and encourage more renewable generation to connect.

This part of the project will commission the redesign of plant room to simplify and incorporate thermal storage. It is expected that this approach will not only deliver a reduction in fossil fuels but also contribute to increased energy efficiency for the system.