Algal Solutions for Local Energy Economy

Project lead: Argyll Lomond and the Islands Energy

Award Amount: £25,000

Area: Argyll and Bute

Read the final project report here


The project aims to develop a model for local circular energy economies by using renewable electricity to produce high value products from algae, including carbon neutral liquid fuels. The model will improve local energy security and the local energy economy by converting low-value, surplus electricity into a high value multi-use liquid fuel, which could displace widely used high-carbon fossil fuels such as diesel oil.


The project will cost and install a pilot scale modular array of internally lit photobioreactors (PBR’s) at Ardnamurchan, which is a rural community with locally owned renewable energy generation projects in an area subject to grid constraints and also a distillery, the waste streams from which can be used in the process.

The project will produce, high value lipid by-products which can be produced for feed and pharmaceutical industries, enabling the creation of new rural enterprises and strengthening the local economy. Waste carbon dioxide and nutrients (such as from whisky distilleries) can be used as feedstocks in the process to further reduce costs and improve sustainability