Green Gas Grids

Project lead: Scotia Gas Networks

Award Amount: £25,000

Area: Aberdeenshire

Read the final project report here


The vision of the Green Gas Grids project is to create new infrastructure in off-gas grid areas for producing and distributing bio-methane produced using surplus renewable electricity and ‘waste’ sources of carbon dioxide. The project aims to enable consumers to benefit from access to a new source of green gas for heat and transport, and create significant energy storage capacity in grid constrained areas.



The project will design and install a biogas methanation plant that will use hydrogen from an electrolyser both of which are powered by a wind farm. The methanation plant will also take waste CO2 from an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant. The project will also design and install the infrastructure required to transport and utilise the bio-methane including transport vehicles and connecting infrastructure and a separate micro grids that will supply off gas residential homes, such as a housing association.