Heat Smart Orkney

Project lead: Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre DT

Award Amount: £0

Area: Orkney Islands

Read the final project report here


This project aims to create a unique local energy community social enterprise which brings together a number of communities across Orkney in an innovative way that uses novel combined generation and demand management technology and local customer contractual relationships to establish ‘Heat Smart Orkney’.


Heat Smart Orkney aims to use Grid-smart Demand side management to create and demonstrate a community-led and delivered local energy economy which will

1. Access existing smart information from the local grid to establish in real-time when wind energy is not being harnessed due to grid constraints

2. Identify the ‘marginal generators’ in grid zones which are being restricted at any given moment

3. Identify local thermal loads that are able to provide demand in the zone and remotely energise them, and

4. Allow for the local Smart grid to lift the restriction of marginal generators and allow increased generation by those turbines.

Theultimate aim of this project is to help Carbon emissions fall, ease the pressure on the local grid, achieve higher turbine revenue and give communities better and more affordable heating.