Montrose Local Energy Project

Project lead: Angus Council

Award Amount: £25,000

Area: Angus

 Read the final project report here


The Montrose Local Energy Project (MLEP) will develop a new fuel source from the agricultural sector, feeding into local heat demand and potentially also local electricity demand.


The new fuel is to be created through the processing and drying of used animal bedding i.e the mix of straw and animal waste that is generated through the bedding of animals, principally cattle in the project proposed. It is intended to deploy the new fuel in pellet form in applications close to the source of the material. The fuel may be used in boilers on its own, or probably blended with biomass fuel, either wood chip or wood pellet.

The transfer of heating supply from grid related solutions will obviously relieve pressure on the grid as we move increasingly to non carbon related sources of fuel.