River Tay Heat Pump District Heating

Project lead: Perth and Kinross Council

Award Amount: £19,750

Area: Perth and Kinross


The Perth City River Tay Heat Pump aims to demonstrate that it is possible to safely use water heat pumps to capture renewable energy from an ecologically sensitive river such as the Tay without damaging wildlife and create a District Heating Network which will supply heat to buildings adjacent to the Tay including buildings, Council buildings and residencies.  



The WSHP in the Tay will generate renewable energy which will be supplied to the DHN. Natural gas boilers will provide top up heating during times of peak demand, allowing the DHN to meet the total heat demand of the connected buildings.

Thermal stores will be used to hold heat energy produced by the heat pumps during times of lower heat demand and some of the heat energy will be stored in the DHN itself. The business model and delivery vehicle selected for the project will aim to retain local value while providing affordable heating to customers.