CARES Toolkit

How to use this Toolkit

This Toolkit comprises two elements. One is a group of technology-specific modules to guide the development of specific projects, while the other element consists of a number of modules providing generic information applicable across most technology-specific developments.

These documents are designed to guide the user through the process of developing a renewable energy project.

To make best use of this Toolkit, it is important that you first read the module specific to your chosen technology and its accompanying CARES renewables handbook. The technology module will signpost you to the other relevant generic modules in the Toolkit as required.

As you go through these documents, you will see that while they contain relevant information and advice, they also signpost to other sources of web-based information. This recognises that each project will be different and ensures that you have access to the latest information necessary to develop your project. The objective of this approach is to put you in touch with a wide group of organisations that can help you to develop your project. In this way, there is no reason at all why a viable project should not be taken to completion to allow you to enjoy the benefits that you seek to gain from it.