Investment Ready Process

This CARES Investment Ready Process guide forms part of the CARES Project Development Toolkit. The aim is to guide the community group or rural business (referred to as Group) through the process of obtaining project finance and is generally initiated once a planning application for a project has been submitted. This guide is also part of the gateway to a Renewable Energy Investment Fund (REIF) funding application. There are two key documents that are required at this stage of a project: the CARES Investment Ready Tool and the CARES Financial Model. These are available from the Local Energy Scotland website along with guidance on how to use them.

Every project development is different and it is not possible to capture in this guidance every detail of your project development. However, every detail of your project development does need to be documented and included within the Investment Ready Tool that has been developed. This guide aims to provide you with an indication of the range of information that needs to be collected, contracts that need to be signed, studies that need to be completed and the level of detail that a lender will expect you to provide them with before they will be able consider providing you with finance.

This document will provide information on:

  • The CARES Investment Ready Process
  • How to populate the CARES Investment Ready Tool
  • Submission of the CARES Investment Ready Tool and technical review
  • Finalising and issue of CARES Investment Ready Tool to Development Officer
  • Due diligence

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