Electricity Markets

Electricity Markets

Due to the fact that electrical energy storage systems permit higher levels of intermittent renewable generation on constrained distribution infrastructure, it can help overcome the barriers to connecting new renewable energy projects. 

The module will provide insight into the roles that electrical energy storage can play, the most commercially advanced storage technologies and outlook. It is aimed at organisations with both development stage and operational schemes. 

The electricity system is changing. Instead of a handful of utilities operating large power stations, small distributed generators are emerging across the country. These include community renewable energy projects (solar, wind and hydro), combined heat and power serving neighbourhoods and back-up generators operated by businesses and the public sector. 

The increasing amount of variable renewable power creates challenges for the stability and resillience of the UK's supply of electricity. New mechanisms are being used to balance the system and to allow more projects to connect to the grid (see the Active Network Management module for other technology solutions). 

The markets for grid balancing services like back-up capacity and frequency response (also known as ancilliary services), are growing quickly as new technology and new business models compete with the utilities. These markets create new opportunities for smaller energy projects to generate revenue in addition to the sale of electricity. 

Thanks to aggregator companies, who manage lots of small generators as well as demand-side response capacity on behalf of their owners, the barriers to becoming active participants in the energy markets are falling. 

This guide will introduce you to the ways your energy project could earn additional revenue, beyond just exporting electricity to grid, and provides links to sources of more detailed information if you want to investigate further. 

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