Refurbished and Remanufactured Wind Turbines

What is a refurbished/ remanufactured wind turbine?


A refurbished wind turbine is a used wind turbine where failed or worn components are refurbished or replaced to the point that the wind turbine is able to operate. Refurbished wind turbines are often sold at a fraction of the cost of new turbines yet may still be capable of achieving design performance for many years. The expectation is that components which have not been refurbished or replaced will fail at some point during operation. As such, O&M contracts, downtime cover / response time is key to financial success.

A remanufactured wind turbine is a used wind turbine which has been restored to original manufacturer specifications which is achieved by replacing all key components of the turbine system with quality parts via an approved company. Remanufactured wind turbines are often more expensive than equivalent (i.e. same make/model) refurbished wind turbines but are often more reliable (i.e. low potential for failure).



The aim of this guidance note is to aid communities and businesses looking to procure refurbished / remanufactured wind turbine(s). It covers factors that should be taken into account when considering refurbished / remanufactured wind turbines as a procurement choice.

This document brings together expertise of community groups who have purchased refurbished / remanufactured wind turbines, refurbished / remanufactured wind turbine suppliers in the UK, and Ricardo Energy & Environment’s expertise. 


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