Report measures Scotland's progress towareds 2020 target

The Energy Saving Trust (Scotland) has this week published a report providing an update on Scotland's progress towards its target for 500MW of community and locally owned renewable energy by 2020.

The report includes data until July 2013 and is available on the Energy Saving Trust website here.

Local Energy Scotland is pleased to be supporting progress towards the 500MW target through the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme.


The Scottish Government has set a target of 500MW of community owned and locally owned renewable energy capacity operating in Scotland by 2020. In 2011, the Energy Saving Trust was asked by the Scottish Government to produce a database of all community and locally owned renewable energy installations in Scotland, and to produce a short report on the information it contains. This database is updated annually and this is the third iteration. The database includes, as far as possible, all installations known to be operating, under construction, or in earlier stages of development as of June 2013.