NFUS Event

There will be the opportunity on 21st May to visit Marshill Farm, hosted by Andrew Stewart, in conjunction with the NFUS Renewable Development Initiative. 

From the NFUS RDI:

Andrew Stewart, Marshill Farm, Lanarkshire

Andrew Stewart became aware of the wind turbine development opportunity when he was approached by a wind developer but was not keen to lease the land to a developer due to the poor rates being offered. He decided to undertake the project himself and has secured planning and grid connection and is currently installing three wind turbines on the farm (one 2.3MW Enercon E-82 and two 800kW Enercon E-48). Andrew has developed the project through the CARES project as at the pre-planning stage was considered too high risk for commercial loans.

This will be our second visit to Marshill Farm following an initial visit in February 2014.  This second visit will allow us to hear from Andrew and the challenges he has overcome in the 15 months from our last visit and give you the opportunity to meet the development team and see the project under construction.  Representatives from REIF and CARES will also be presenting at the event.

Further information about the event can be found here.

21st May, 10.00am