Community Benefits Register hits £10 million!

We are delighted to announce that the Scottish Government Register of Community Benefits from Renewables is showing that communities are receiving over £10 million per year from onshore renewable energy developments in Scotland. This fantastic news means that the average yearly payment to recipient communities totals over £4,500 per MW of installed renewable energy capacity.

The Community Benefits Register lists over 150 renewable energy projects in Scotland so far, with developers and community groups helping to log the details of community benefit payments arising from renewables developments. The Register relies on information from developers and communities, and provides an excellent opportunity to share their experiences and the lessons they have learnt. Information shared on the Register is helping communities make comparisons with similar developments to inform negotiations and ensure their funds are spent wisely. It also assists developers in engaging with their communities, and encourages those undertaking small wind projects to consider community benefit payments.

The news that £10 million from renewables projects is going into communities every year highlights the great work being done by developers and communities in Scotland. This figure continues to rise as more developers and community groups share their experiences and utilise the Community Benefits Register.

You can find out more about the Register and view the interactive map here.


£10 million from renewables projects is going into communities every year