Crossdykes Project Receives Planning Consent

A potential shared ownership project in Dumfries and Galloway has received planning permission for up to 48MW. Muirhall Energy are developing the Crossdykes project, located between Lockerbie and Langholm. The proposed wind farm comprises 15 turbines, each with a generating capacity of 3.2MW and a blade tip height of 130m.


In addition to a community benefit package of £240,000 per annum (£5,000 per MW), to be shared by local communities, the developer has offered an equity share of up to 10% in the project which a number of community groups are interested in exploring.


We have been working with both Muirhall Energy and the local community over a period of time to help develop the shared ownership arrangement through the CARES scheme. The Upper Eskdale Development Group (UEDG) secured Start Up Grant funding from Local Energy Scotland to engage project management to investigate a proposal from Muirhall Energy and cascade the knowledge to other communities. SCENE Consulting have been conducting this work.


Madeline Crawford, Local Energy Scotland Development Officer for the South West of Scotland commented:

“I am delighted that the project has planning consent and the real work of gathering and disseminating information to interested communities and the exploring of an investment proposal from Muirhall Energy can begin. A huge congratulations to UEDG and Alastair Yule's team at Muirhall Energy for all their hard work!”


We look forward to the next step of the project development. To find out more about the support available to communities and developers to take forward shared ownership projects, please see our pages here


A huge congratulations to Upper Eskdale Development Group and Alastair Yule's team at Muirhall Energy for all their hard work!