National Forest Estate

The opportunity for submission of Notification of Interest forms has now closed.

We are pleased to share a report indicating potential sites for hydro development within the Forestry Commission Residual Offering. This report, prepared by babyHydro, presents the sites retained after Technical Screening, some with comments on their feasibility.

 Download the report here

 Download an excel file with detail on the sites here

 See the sites below (click image to open in a new window):


This data was produced by babyHydro Ltd using the Hydrobot hydro survey model.

We hope this will help community groups identify possible hydro sites in their area. Please contact us on 0808 808 2288 if you would like any assistance.


Those wishing to investigate development of  hydro energy generation on the NFE should complete a Notification of Interest (NoI) form, and return it to by 17:00 on Monday 24th March 2014.

Information on the Residual Offering

An overview of the opportunities on forestry land is at with more details on the current offering on the Forestry Commission Scotland website.

You can also download some more information in a PDF document here.

Support to community organisations interested in developing a project on the  National Forest Estate will be available through CARES and groups looking for information on support should contact their Local Energy Scotland Development Officer


The notification of interest form is available here, and asks for contact details for your organisation, and a brief outline of your proposed project. Give us a call on 0808 808 2288 if you would like some support in completing this form.