Community Benefit Register


If you are a developer and you provide funding to a community, please browse the Register to find your development and follow the instructions to submit your details.


If you are a community please browse the Register to find your project and follow the instructions to submit your details.

The Register also details fund spend, and provides ideas and advice for communities looking to ensure their funds are spent wisely. Read more about the Register.

You can view a list of all projects with community benefits here.

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How to add your details

The Register is voluntary and relies on communities and developers sharing their experiences and the lessons they have learnt. If you are a recipient or provider of community benefit funds we would be very grateful if you could share information.

To add details of a development, either as a developer or a community receiving benefit from a renewable energy project, use the map to find the development ( you may need to select "All Renewable Projects"), then select the relevant 'developer' or 'community' option.

I can't find a development

If you want to add details of a development that isn't on the Register, please contact us telling us the name of the development, date of commission, local authority area, installed capacity and renewable technology deployed.