Farr Windfarm

Operation Since June 2006
Postcode --
Local Authority Area Highland
Technology Onshore Wind
Installed Capacity 92.00Mw

About the Community

Recipient group Strathnairn Community Benefit Fund
Contact Carol Davies
Email jennifer@localenergyscotland.org
Group Constitution Limited company and charity. Bound by company and charity law.
Recipient Group Size Population: 600 houses

About the Development

Community benefit structure:

  • Payment: per MW installed

Community benefit per year
£716.40 per MW per year
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About The Income Administration

Administration process:
Two grants: 1) Delegated grants - six grants at the discretion of the chair,vice chair and secretary up to a max of £250 (sports, donations etc.). 2) Every two months, there is a full board meeting where all grant applications reviewed. Projects which do not fit the small grant criteria will have to go to the board, e.g. local after school club craft activities.

About Your Spend

No, there is an investment plan. The Community Council is currently creating a community plan to find out what the community desires. We'll then look at how that sits with the funding in progress at the moment.

Are there specifications for fund applications:
Yes - bound by Memorandum of Association which states what can and can't be funded.

How is fund publicised:
In a variety of ways; local events, Farr gala vintage rally, an annual flyer that goes to every community in the area detailing what the fund has achieved.

Areas of spend:
  • Energy Efficiency Measures
  • Insulation
  • Environmental Education
  • Renewable Energy
  • Youth Sector
  • Elderly Sector
  • Disability Measures
  • Fuel Poverty Alleviation
  • Community Services
  • Community Buildings
  • Skills/Employment
  • Culture and Heritage

Further spend:
Supporting charitable work; Venture grants; Support for sports training and competition at national championships

Further details

Relevant information:
Memorandum of Association

Website: http://www.strathnairn.org.uk

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