About us

Local Energy Scotland is a consortium made up of:

We administer and manage the Scottish Government's Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) with support for delivery from Ricardo Energy & Environment, Foundation Scotland and Snell Bridge.

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We help communities and rural businesses with:

  • Free advice and support to develop renewable energy schemes,
  • Advice on funding streams,
  • Support to access CARES (development and pre-planning loans),
  • Support to access the Renewable Energy Investment Fund (post-consent loans).

Community and Renewable Energy Scheme

CARES has been established by the Scottish Government to encourage local and community ownership of renewable energy across Scotland.

CARES is designed to accelerate progress towards the Scottish Government’s target of 1GW of renewable energy to be locally or community owned by 2020, and to maximise the benefits to communities from commercially owned energy. This is detailed in the Scottish Government's 2020 Routemap for Renewable Energy in Scotland.

The CARES loan fund has existed since 2011. It is a flagship scheme which aims to provide loans towards the high risk, pre-planning consent stages of renewable energy projects which have significant community engagement and benefit.

We want to support the development of locally-owned renewable energy projects, particularly those which provide wider community benefits, as already in place at many successful developments across Scotland